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The Effect of Rural Interstate Speed Limit Increases

Portland Urban Area Congestion Growth Leads Nation 1986 -1999

Oregon Journey-To-Work Trips - 2000

Are Taxes for Roads in Oregon Falling Behind Inflation and Population Growth?

Oregon's Transportation Taxes

Former Passenger Mode on New Transit Projects

The Number of Persons Commuting to the CBD by Bike or Walking

Portland West Side Light Rail Peak Period Ridership - 2000

What is a Weight-Mile tax?

Tri Met Service Increases

Effect of Westside Light Rail on Traffic Volumes - May 1999

Portland Metro Area Population by County.

The Effect of West Side Light Rail on Transit Usage.

The Effect of West Side Light Rail on Highway Traffic Volumes.

Light Rail Funding Defeated Again: Reasons for the Rejection by Voters.

Metro's Congestion Projections.

Does Light Rail carry More Riders Than a Freeway?

Metro Area Allocation of Tax Dollars - 1998 - 2001

How Taxpayer Transportation Funds Are Spent in the Portland Metro Region.

Banfield (I-84) Traffic Counts

Metro's 2015 Forecast on the Impact of South/North and Other Additional Light Rail Lines.

Tri Met's Fare Recovery Ratios

Changes in the Means of Transportation to Work in Oregon

Tri Met Ridership Analysis - Originating Rides

Tri Met Operating Resources and Special Needs Transit Cost

Light Rail in Minneapolis: A Bridge to Nowhere

The Marraige of Autos & Transit by Melvin M. Webber

General Motors and the Demise of the Street Car.

A Debate About Los Angeles and Portland Land Use Policies: Professors Gordon & Richardson, Metro and the Oregon Transportation Institute

Rail Access to London Area Airports.

What Did Portland's East Side MAX Line Change?

HOV Lane/Light Rail Comparison

Energy Efficiency of Transportation Modes - 1995

MAX Versus Freeway Effectiveness

Light Rail Versus Bus Operating Costs

BART THE LESSON by Melvin M. Webber

Light Rail Myths

Existing HOV Facilities in the US and Canada: They're All Over.

Proposed HOV Projects In the US and Canada: Soaring Popularity Due to Good Results.

Portland & Seattle Transit Compared

"Rail In Milwaukee" A Review of Rail's Effectiveness by Wendell Cox.


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