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Eastside MAX Blue Line Project History

Eastside MAX Blue Line

Gresham/City Center
  • Opened: Sept 5, 1986
  • Length: 15 miles
  • Stations: 30
  • Construction: Mar. 1982-Sept. 1986
  • Cost: $214 million


  • Connects Gresham and Portland City Center
  • Among the first light rail systems in the nation
  • Represents our region's shift toward innovative land-use and transportation planning
  • Funded by the Federal Transit Administration (83%), state transportation funds (12%) and local funds (5%)
  • One of the first federally funded light rail projects, using money initially earmarked to build freeways
  • Completed on schedule and within budget
  • Catalyst for more than $4.7 billion in development and revitalization (particularly in Portland City Center and the Lloyd District)
  • Ridership has exceeded expectations